Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vintage Ornament Wreath!

Is this gorgeous, or what!!!! Jane had purchased a round mirror to glue the ornaments to & as she placed them on the frame, she realized she really loved the colors of these together. It's like once you start placing them, they kind of tell you what to do. She didn't have all the sizes she needed so we headed out to the flea mkts. but nary a one could be found. She had purchased a box with some of these colors when we stopped in Lebanon.
Here's how it started. Quite a contrast! It really makes me want to make one but I'm not sure I'm ready to put glue on my old ornaments. We'll see!!!
This is a fraction of Jane's stash that she brought to the lake. She has an unbelievable collection but like most of us, she's been collecting for many years. Some of mine are from when I was a child. Plus, I never pass one up at a garage sale or auction.

This is the stocking I worked on for baby Maya. Maya is just over 1 yr. old & most of us have never seen her in person. Maya & her sister, Marabelle, & Mom & Dad will be home tomorrow from Colorado (they call that home now). We are all so excited! We'll probably end up with 50 people for Thanksgiving.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh I love them both!!! So beautifully created with that special Jan flair and touch. I am so excited you get to see Jenny and Mark and their brood over the Holidays! I am so excited, you may need to call me and let me come over for just a brief peek! Was at Leola's yesterday and bought Ali's Joy banner (without knowing she made it) - just fell in love with it instantly. Do you think I may have been another sister in some past life? Anyway just love you all and especially you! Grateful Blessings,

summersundays-jw said...

Thank you so much for buying her banner. She'll love that. We would all love if you were our sister. Thanks for being such a good friend. Jan

Susan S. said...

Cute wreath......I like how the colors work together. Happy Holidays!

Sweet Repose said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the family...try not to eat too much...yeah, whatever!!! Been waitin' all year to glutton and have a good reason to do it! HA!

dulcy said...

Love the wreath and all your wonderful pictures! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!