Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leola's Christmas party...

We had our store Christmas party last night & we had such a good time. After a week of worrying about weather & the roads, we drove to Judy's without any worries. She lives waaaay out in the country and it's hard enough to find at night without having to worry about ice. Anyway, her house, as usual, looked incredible. These are just a few shots & no way can I do it justice with my photography but maybe it will give some idea of how creative she is.

We started the night at Linda's & Kelli's houses (which were equally awesome) & I'll share those pictures tomorrow (hopefully).

We exchanged gifts after drawing names & you would not have believed what these creative women had made. Mine was from Kristy & I'll also photograph it tomorrow. We ate & exchanged cookies & laughed & talked so much that my throat is sore today. I love this bunch of women that are in Leola's right now & I love how we've all become such good friends. I just want to hold onto it as long as we can because it seems life can change so fast these days.

Phoebe is with me today & is wanting to be creative so I'll do more later. Have a great weekend & stay warm.
This was on her dining table. They were filled with fresh cranberries & a candle at the top. They were so gorgeous & so tall that they didn't get in any one's way.
These were crystal stoppers in small silver vases -- wonderful!!!

Sorry to Judy & Kristy -- I think they were working in the kitchen. Also, Sandy & Carol weren't there. You'll also notice I'm not there -- I'm always the photographer. Sorry Kelli & Dorlece but somehow I missed you too.

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Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a beautiful group of enterprising gifted women! I just love you guys and especially you Miss Jan! Many Christmas Blessings to all of you! Katie