Sunday, December 21, 2008

Linda's & Kelli's Christmas decorations.....

It is a very cold but sunny day in Springfield. We went to church this morning & almost froze. It was a beautiful Christmas program & the little ones sang 2 songs. Now tomorrow is Sage's school program so I'm taking the day off. Carol Ussery is bringing a couple of her special coconut cream pies by Leola's for everyone so guess I'll just have to run down. What a great gift that is!

I took these pics of Linda's & Kelli's houses on Friday night. They looked so wonderful sitting up on the hill with the little twinkly lights inside & out. I've decided to get my old Canon 35mm out & try some pictures. It seems when I'm taking them in the evening my digital doesn't do as well. Allison has had the same problem & made the suggestion so we're doing our own photo testing. I'll let you all decide which is best.

Anyway, here's a few pics of Linda's kind of cabiney/lodgey look but yet she has this gorgeous flocked white tree. It all looks wonderful.

This was maybe my favorite thing. I loved this white polar bear peeking from this cloche. One of mine & my g'kids favorite winter movies is a cartoon called "The Bear" & it looks just like this one. I highly recommend it.

These pics are of Kelli's & Bayli's house (Linda's daughter & g'daughter). They live near each other on the same farm. Kelli's house is totally "Kelli's" style. It's kind of quirky & shabby chic but very comfy/cozy. She also has 3 dogs of varying sizes that run thru the house so nothing is too fussy.

These are vintage aprons hanging over her kitchen window & I love the "peace on earth" hanging above her counter.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great Monday! Peace!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I think the awning has got to be my favorite in all the pics, just beautiful. Merry Christmas, T

summersundays-jw said...

Kelli will be glad to know this because I think that's her favorite. We used some of these on our shop windows -- they look great. Thanks!

Doreen said...

I enjoyed my tour immensely! Thank you for taking such lovely photos.

Joyous Holidays to you and yours


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I just had to come back again and look once more. I put up my little primitive tree today and loaded up with all sizes and kinds of colorful bulbs. I was thinking of you and being grateful for your creative gifts you've shared with me. You have always made me think that I am not all that far out there. Anyhoo have a wonderful Christmas~love you all!!! Katie