Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bread baking -- not a huge success!!!

This was my first attempt at bread making using gluten & it still didn't rise. The yeast was new & I put it in a warm place but not sure what happened. I'm trying again today. I might add that it did make darn good toast with my peach jam.

I bought a flour that was new to me and I'm wondering if that was my mistake. It was called white whole wheat but I think I should have mixed it with white flour. I love Hodgson Mill flours and bread mixes so I'm going to add some of their bread flour to the mix today. We'll see!!!

My sister Mary is having a sale at her little used (everything) store in Battlefield today so I think I'll run out. I have been working on Leola's merchandise the last couple of days and have some things ready to take in. This is the time of year, as long as the weather stays good, that we get a lot of dealers in & also our regulars are sprucing up after taking down Christmas. Yesterday was in the 60's and there were lots of people out so holes need to be filled. Today is very cold & gloomy so we'll see what happens.

We have g'kids overnight tonight so we went to the library and checked out a great old Shirley Temple movie so we can have movie night. It's always amazed me that with all the things to do with kids that always costs money, the simple things that cost practically nothing are always there favorites. They love to get their pj's on & we fix a big pillow & blanket pit in front of the fire, fix popcorn & watch a movie. Oh, & you have to turn out all the lights. Nothing better then that!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

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Sweet Repose said...

Yeah I think we got 2 inches so far and it's still snowing out...ickkky!!!

Bread is not easy to do, practice, practice, practice...and it is definitely different with wholewheat. But even the failed attempts are yummy, especially warm...I ain't picky!

Later friend...s