Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leola's is looking great.....

Everyone is so anxious for spring. Since we can't get outside, we'll do the next best thing & spring-up the inside. The first thing I notice is how dirty my windows are. I cleaned my windows & decided I needed to take a trip to Leola's. The place looked great & I found so many great things. It also made me realize how I needed some spring in my area.

This adorable bust is in Sandy's area. Is it not cute with the pearls!!! Would this not be cute in the bathroom with your necklaces on it?

I love using the little silicone bulbs in the lamps. They burn for forever & don't take much energy.
This is an adorable ottoman that Carol brought in. She does all our amazing slipcovers. There are 2 of the most wonderful chairs that go with it.

Kelli loves to make the paper flowers. These have vintage buttons or jewelry in the center of them. Aren't the great? The wonderful pillar is Dorlece's. It would be wonderful on a porch.

This is Judy's area. She finds the greatest things. How about that hat for Easter!!!

I think this was Linda's area. We all love white ironstone & pottery. Blue seems to be popular right now. It's about time since I still have stuff from that "country blue" era. I swear I didn't keep any geese or welcome signs but I do have some dishes & linens.

Anyway, we're sure spring is on the way so get those windows washed. Have a good Friday. I'm going to have Phoebe, & we're going to an antiques sale with Auntie Linda & Auntie Jean. They're never too young to start junkin' -- especially with Grandma.


unique unique design said...

What great stuff! Wish I lived closer to Carol the "slipcover" lady! We always are looking for someone that slipcovers. Oh, well!
Thanks for sharing.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

You're right. I need to clean the the store and home! Love all that ironstone. And your new music is wonderful. Happy Day! ~Mindy

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Jan~ It's fun seeing pictures of the store. I need to visit soon. Hope you are doing well. Have fun junkin'. ~Mandy

David said...

Should I mention that we're enjoying spring-like short sleeve weather here in Texas? :-)

This time of year, anything can happen, but I'm hopeful that we've seen the last of freezing temperatures here. Now come the rains. I too am anxious for spring and even summer.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Loving all the new looks! I feel a trip down to Ozark coming on!!! Blessings, Katie