Monday, February 23, 2009

Phoebe and Grandma's weekend....

This was Phoebe's weekend at Grandma's. We started it by having lunch out on Sat. & then headed to the library for books and videos. It was so cold & blustery out that we just wanted to head home, put the car in the garage & stay in the nice warm house. We decided that our first adventure would be in breadbaking. So we mixed our batter (or let the mixer do it) & started our cinnamon rolls. While letting them rise, we fixed a snack of Cheezits and decided to watch Care Bears (now that's a great way to spend a winter afternoon).

Anyway, you'll see by the picture that our rolls & bread were a success. I actually had two for breakfast this morning. I've decided my next cooking endeavor would be popovers. I never have been able to get those big, beautiful ones that Barefoot Contessa does. So as soon as I get Leola's open house behind me, I'm starting the popover experiment.

So Phoebe & I had a great weekend and on Sunday headed off to church to meet the rest of her family.

I'm off today to try to find fabric for this sofa. I'm putting it in Leola's for open house but need to make some pillows. FM store had some great fabric so just have to make a decision. If you're ever in Springfield, check out FM Store for the greatest prices on fabric. I love this old couch. It has kind of that old French look. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Have a great week. Again this week, the sun is shining on a Monday & it's suppose to warm up.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Warm, fresh homemade bread on a cold day with a grand daughter. Sounds like a fairy tale to me! The Care Bears tops it all off! haha I'm clueless on what fabric to put on it...but, it does have wonderful lines. Happy shopping! ~Mindy

David said...

The sofa is cool. Reminds me of one my grandma used to have. I bet Phoebe really had fun with you! And the rolls look delish!

Barbsigns4u said...

Your cinnamon rolls make my mouth water, Jan. Yummers!
You take the best pictures, I feel like I could just reach out and take me a roll. Isn't baking with the grandkids just the best. My Robbie & I made cupcakes yesterday and they tasted sooo good with a big glass of cold milk.
~ Barb