Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The dogwoods are in bloom!

The dogwoods are in bloom in the Ozarks. Our part of the country is alive with the blooms of Spring . I drove through Springfield yesterday and there's hardly a yard that doesn't have at least one dogwood tree. The hills in the countryside are full of pink and white dogwoods. It's truly a glorious time to be in the Ozarks.


Barbsigns4u said...

Hey Jan, Looks like Springtime in Southwest Missouri for sure. Do the blossoms on the Dogwood trees have a sweet smell? I missed several of your bloggs since Easter, and now I'm caught up reading them and looking at the enchanting photos of those beautiful twin g'girls, Phoebe & Stella. Happy belated 5th Birthday girls! I wish the time would slow down so our grandchildren could stay little longer. They're so sweet, normal and innocent. I beleive my 2 year old g'daughter, Katelyn looks a bit like your Stella. And, oh my, Sage is so handsome. He has your brother, Andy's good looks. We are blessed indeed my friend. It was 100 degrees here in L.A. yesterday.
Keep the faith.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Lovely Dogwood! I am sure enjoying these warm Spring days! Would love to hear and see what you are working on outside! I have you in my drawing but you know anything you would like ~ I will make for you! Have a beautiful Friday! Blessings, Katie