Monday, May 4, 2009

Mindy & David came for a visit.....

We had visitors at Leola's on Sunday. Primitiques 'n Poetry Mindy & David from came to visit us on Sunday after a meal at Lambert's (home of throwed rolls). They only had to wait an hour. Lucky for them that Ozark is an antiquer's dream. I loved meeting them after all these weeks of talking to each other through our blogs. It was hard to stop talking long enough for them to get any shopping done but they managed a little. We also got to wish David a "happy birthday".
We've worked so hard the last few days at the shop. We sold lots of furniture last week so on Sunday we worked inside bringing in new pieces so today we finished inside then worked on our front porch. Judy and Linda planted ferns and flowers in the urns (I swept the sidewalks). It looks so good and springy. We were told it needed to be "feminined up" out front so we think we did it. Nothing makes Judy angrier then for a guy to come in looking for NASCAR collectibles.

Allison and the girls came to visit and the girls decided to try on Carol Ussery's hats. She carries hats and lots of vintage millinery flowers. Aren't they adorable?


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Jan! I so much enjoyed meeting you and your sister and niece. And I love your shop! Can't wait to talk about y'all in my blog soon. ~Mindy

David said...

It was wonderful meeting you! I loved photographing in your store. You guys really know how to display! The sets are awesome! I will be posting some pictures on my blog if Mindy doesn't steal them for her blog first! lol

dulcy said...

Oh my gosh! I need to get down there and soon! I am going to be "free as a little birdie" soon, and you will be seeing way too much of me.