Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poison Ivy update & Stella's turn at Grandma's....

First of all, if you've never taken Prednisone, don't. That's what my Dr. sent out so I just take things without seriously looking at side affects. My face got blistering hot and red as a beet. I had a headache and generally felt like my head was going to burst. So after using an ice bag on my face for an hour & taking Ibuprofen plus a Dr. Pepper and popcorn, I started feeling better. So today I've spread the pills out a little more. I'm showing signs of improvement although still a little scary looking.

This was Stella's day with Grandma and she decided to paint her stool. We got the closest color we could find to Grannie Smith apple green. I found 4 of these stools in a junk store that had been cut down and they fit perfectly under an old school table I bought so the kids can use it on the back porch. My plan is to paint them all the same green and they can each paint them the way they want on top of the green. You can see that she had paint all over including the tip of her nose.

This is Sage up in his tree. He loves climbing trees and if you can't find him these days, just check out the tree. He's driving Mom crazy these days -- he's such a boy. He's so excited that summer is finally here. Only 2 1/2 days & he's through. He's going to be on a swimming team this summer at their neighborhood pool so they're all geared up to spend their days at the pool.

I can still remember how it felt to walk out of school that last day and kicking your shoes off & rarely putting them back on until after Labor Day. My memories of summer are of catching lightening bugs at night & putting them in a glass jar, playing hide & seek until too dark then sleeping with the bedroom windows pushed up as high as they would go to try and stay cool. Our fun was all around home. My family grew watermelons and sometimes my brother would pick one & we'd sit in the yard & let the juice run down our bare bellys until the flys moved in and Mom would hose us down.

Our only vacations were when Mom & Dad packed us all in our station wagon and took us to western Kansas to visit our cousins. No air conditioning in the car & all the windows rolled down but did we ever have a good time! Have times ever changed!!!!

I've decided this summer I'm going to do more things that feel like summer. I'm getting my old White Mountain ice cream freezer out and making strawberry and peach ice cream. I'm buying lemons to make real lemonade with real sugar and throwing that fake stuff out. I'm eating BLT's at least a couple times a week & making wilted lettuce with real bacon grease. Who knows --I may even buy a bike.

Happy Summer!


Debra said...

Hey Jan, hope you feel better soon. Prednisone is horrible. I was on it for 4 months! On a lighter note, I loved your descriptions of your summer memories. They paint a wonderful picture!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Jan, the stools painted green are going to be great! I very much enjoyed your summer time memories. Past, present and future! A bike would be fun, wouldn't it? It's good to hear you enjoying life. ~Mindy

dulcy said...

Adorable! Also, always go for Dr. Pepper and popcorn before the meds! Will get to the shop soon I hope.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

This picture of Sage is priceless! A true picture of summer! Great choice!