Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work day at Leola's....

It was my work day at Leola's and they kept me hopping. It was one of those beautiful late Spring days like we haven't had many of. The doors could be open and people seemed happy to be out -- thankfully!

Brenda came in to work and we found the perfect hat for her outfit. Some people can wear anything. We had lunch in the tearoom next door. We had a roast beef sandwich with cold mango soup -- yummy! I hope they do well. They're such nice people and work so hard. Anyway, Brenda worked so hard and her area looks incredible.

This is my area with drawers stacked with tin backs. I gave some to Sage to put on top of his desk for some of his art supplies and small stuff.
This is Kelli's chair she put the seat in with an old feed bag. The flowers are Brenda's. I brought one home for my bathroom since I have no natural light in there. Usually I prefer fresh but sometimes they don't do well inside.

This is Brenda's chair that is also covered with an old feedsack. It is the greatest chair & there's another picture that has a stool that she covered with a feedsack also.

This is the stool. The cute rack with hooks on it she made out of old door fronts. They would be so great in a bathroom for wet towels or at the back door for wet swimsuits.

I love these flashcards. You can use them so many ways.


trash talk said...

It all looks wonderful and I am totally digging the the color!

Sweet Repose said...

I love covering furniture with feed sacks, as a matter of fact I'm covering a chair this morning, as soon as I finish covering a bridge lamp shade with a grungy ol'sack.

Do we love our jobs or what!!!

Sweet Repose said...

More storms today...yeah, will it ever stop raining. It sucks for me and the dog, cause my basement is on the outside of the old shack, so we have to go out in the storm to get away from it. So we'll are gonna get hit again today, they say the same as yesterday...those black clouds are rollin' in, better go check the weather channel...take care, fellow tornado alley friend!


David said...

You've been tagged!

David said...

I like the feed sack upholstery!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Your space looks awesome!!! Love the stacked tin shelves, I have got to find some old feedsacks to make some chair covers, Have a great junkin weekend! Janna