Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Augusta Restaurant in Iowa....

This was one of our favorite restaurants on our trip. They had a homemade sign on their window that they had the best pork tenderloin sandwiches in Iowa and we agree (not that we've eaten any other pork tenderloin sandwiches in Iowa but these were something else). They were served with sweet potato chips. We had them cut ours in half and we shared but we could have quartered them and had enough. Is this not a beautiful plate of food?

The couple who own the restaurant were originally from Iowa but had moved to New Orleans. After Katrina they decided to move to Augusta and open a restaurant.
For dessert I had the yummiest strawberry shortcake and the other girls had beniets (sp.) with chocolate filling and chocolate drizzled on the top. It was almost a religious experience.

We loved this poster! Is it not the truth! Mike wouldn't dance unless he had a couple of beers & most men I know are the same way.

It is very hot in Mo. this week. I'm sure we hit 100 today and I'm having the women from Leola's for dinner in celebration of Pam's b'day. There will be no dining on the porch tonight.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ahhh. Good food. Good company. Good times! Love that poster. I must admit, David is a better dancer than I am. Maybe I need to try this drinking thing! ~Mindy

Sweet Repose said...

My 'X' was true to the poster too...but by then, I wasn't willing to take the chance to dance with him..too funny...

It got to 97 here yesterday, hope you didn't get those nasty storms...more today.

Have your sister email me about the soaps, I'm hoping I just forgot the list and it's still at the store...it's good to be blond(white)...but at least my purse is totally rearranged.

We have a lil' eatery that's an icon in the Muscatine area...HUGE tenderloins and homemade onion rings and carhops.'The Cherry Top', always a maraschino cherry on top of the ice cream cones and it's only up the road from the pink chateau, been goin' there since the 50's.

Glad you had a great time in Iowa!

David said...

I'm intrigued by sweet potato chips. Bet they were good. The poster is funny and not quite PC!

I saw an old advertisement poster last weekend of Rastur, the Cream of Wheat chef. It was very politically incorrect in a racial context. But I have since researched it and found out it was circulated in 1921.

I wish I had bought it because it is such "shocker" and a "time capsule" of the era. I think it will probably be worth quite a bit one day. Oh well, I'll just have to see if it's still there next time we go back.

simplyiowa said...

Over a 100 heat index! But those of us who Love to Junk... Keep on ticken'!The sweet potato fries are amazing!
Barb C.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

That poster is priceless ~ chuckle.. so glad you are back dear. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! Blessings sweetie, Katie

dulcy said...