Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I'm getting everything ready to go to sister Linda's house for a picnic and to watch the fireworks tonight. A local church does a mega display right by Linda's house so we can set up on her hill and watch the whole thing. I made brownies and rice krispie treats so I'm ready to go. It's showered a little bit this morning but it's not suppose to rain long.

I had hoped to have my first tomato by today but they just need another day or two. The garden is looking great except for the rat that is eating my green beans. We've had another infestation of Japanese beetles. They love the hollyhocks, crepe myrtle, ferns and various other vegetation in the yard. I try so hard not to spray but they would strip the foliage in the yard if I didn't. Where the heck did those bugs come from and when are they going back!!!!! I wanted so badly to bring in a bouquet but when I checked the flowers out everything was orange, hot pink or pink. For some reason all my gladiolas so far are orange or hot pink. I do have blue hydrangeas so maybe I'll pick some of those.

Mike's sister, Susan & her husband, Mike (we have waaaay to many Mike's in the family) are coming this evening for the weekend. We're going to buy paint & sometime soon Mike N. is going to paint the house. He always has me make a list of things I need fixed when he comes. Lucky for me, he doesn't sit still very well so he likes to have some jobs to do. He just wants a little time to run to Grizzley's & Bass Pro. Susan and I plan on getting out tomorrow and going to Leola's and doing a little shopping at local flea mkts.

My little Sweeties came this morning all dressed in their red, white and blue so of course, I had to take some pictures.

This was taken Weds. at Leola's. We couldn't figure out why no one was buying patriotic then in the last week, we've been selling patriotic like crazy. I love red, white and blue all summer but seems so many are either using rusty wire look or all white. Luckily, we have a little of everything at Leola's.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


common ground said...

Have a great weekend! The kids look darling, as usual! Check out my post on Leola's.

Sheri said...

Happy Fourth to you and your family! I'm coming to Leola's today. You've got me very interested in what's new!

common ground said...

Well, you know, the itch is back. I haven't bought much lately. Now my wheels are starting to creak a little. ha.
See ya Wednesday!

Sweet Repose said...

I love the red white and blue too, used to sell lots of it...but it's the real deal in the just screams SUMMER!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful 4th...we drowned...argh...