Monday, September 7, 2009

A great weekend at Wells' family reunion.....

We had such a great weekend in St. Joe. Allison, John, the kids & myself drove up on Friday & headed back Sunday afternoon so it wasn't a very long stay but we packed a lot in. By the time we headed home, the kids were about ready to revolt if another picture was taken. We're all picture-takers. It must be a Wells' gene (not in me but most of the others) because they have the most wonderful pictures that record the history of the Wells' family. They're also lucky to have so many people interested in their genealogy who have kept excellent records of the family. What this seems to do is to set an example to the younger generation and hopefully, instill in them the need to continue this tradition and keep the family together. Below, is the youngest of the crew. They were the best kids but how could they not be with the wonderful parents they all have.

At the Saturday night picnic, one of the grandmothers brought her face painting kit and painted faces. Sage kept going back for more blood but Jake decided he was not in the mood to have paint on his face. Sage's & Jake's moms grew up together in Minneapolis & were best friends but Allison moved to Springfield and Leslie ended up in Philadelphia. Also, their great-grandfathers were twins so some of those Wells' genes show up in both boys.
This is Linnea, Jake's g'mother, trying on very thick glasses at the Rusty Chandelier. I always have to get a little antiquing in. We girls had a great day together. Even though there are sometimes long stretches between our visits, it just feels like it was yesterday when we get together. Families are such a great thing.

Below was Mike's Grandma Wells' house. Someone is apparently working on it right now. St. Joe is full of these big old houses that are almost impossible to keep up in this day and age. It's such a shame because many are falling down. It would take so many people with so much money to restore them. People would rather go out and build a new one. Mike's sister & brother-in-law live in an area of smaller cottages and it's a neighborhood that is very well maintained and has been lovingly restored.

It was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad we went. Mike loved his family so much and he always wanted Allison to be a part of it and to know where she came from. I think she knows.

Tomorrow we start decorating for fall at Leola's. Summer is really over. They locked the gates on the pools today and the kids are back on that school routine. Life goes on.


common ground said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip, and yes, the girls look "done" with it. Mike's grandma's house is great. Love the paint on the porch details. Have you ever been inside? I don't think I've ever been to St. Joe, but looks like a quaint town.

David said...

Lovin' the kiddo pics! You have enough there to form your own baseball team!

lovesoldstuff said...

I love the Rusty Chandelier! It's a must stop when we travel to Kansas City.

David said...

Happy Birthday!

trash talk said...

Is it your birthday? Well happy happy!
Love the photos of all the dollbabies...especially that red head!

dulcy said...

Jan.....Does your open house start tomorrow or Sat.?