Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sure signs of Fall......

Today is the first day of fall & it certainly feels like it here. We've had lots of rain and it's been extremely humid. The mosquitoes are loving it and beginning to look a little like birds and my laundry wouldn't completely dry on the line. The trees are starting to turn and the garden has pretty much had it. The only thing still looking good is the sweet annie that needs to be cut. I love to take it to Leola's because it makes the store smell so good.

Would you believe that I actually have bittersweet growing in my back yard! I've been cutting it and using it on wreaths & taking it to the shop.
This is a table setting in my space at Leola's. This basket actually has a little metal tag on the side that tells the basket company where it was made in Iowa. This candlestick is something new I found that runs on a battery. It has the greatest flickering light. I left one on in Phoebe's room this weekend for a night light & she loved it. You don't have to worry about blowing your candle out.

Another sign of fall -- a deserted birdhouse. Sad!!!

I love the purple hyacinth bean vine and this is what you get in the fall. Big ole purple beans! I always cut & dry them for next year. My uncle gave me my original vine and he had saved the beans every year of his adult life and the tradition continues.

While the weather is so nice, I intend to get some pieces ready for the shop. Can't believe we're already planning our holiday open house -- yikes!!!!


Bonnie said...

Hi, found you thru Trash Talk. Enjoyed visiting your store - wish I could visit in person! Also loved the really great pictures.


Lori R. said...

Wow that purple bean vine is so cool! I'm going to have to find me some of that!!! I also have bittersweet growing buy haven't been as ambitious to get out there and cut it, which I usually do... I just need to gett'er going...

Sheri said...

Would you PLEASE save me some sweet annie seeds? I have always wanted to grow it, but didn't know of a seed resource!!! I'll gladly pay you for them.
Thanks in advance!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

OOO Jan!
I love the bittersweet!!! And the way you have it arranged is so lovely! And the purple beans are such a lovely shade ~ you have so much beauty all around you and in you too! Love you ~ pray I'll see you soon in person!

Sweet Repose said...

I'm with Lori R., we need some of those scarlet bean seeds, what a beautiful addition to a garden in the fall.

Yes cold here to and tomorrow even colder, frost maybe...time to prune and drag indoors.

Talked to TOT the other night and they are having a blast at Marburger Farms, they were at Theresa Canos' blog party...lemme tell ya, the tequila must've been flowing, they were all wild...they even made me pose for a picture with the group, they held up the cell phone...what a hoot!

Enjoy your Autumn day in the garden truckin in those plants from outside...ha!

Lori R. said...

Love your posts and comments. Please stop by and pick up an award from me.... thanks!

simplyiowa said...

HEey Girlie,
I left my comment to you, on my post! That's what I get for being in a HURRY!
Barb C.