Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall day at Rainbow Trout Farm, Rockbridge, MO....

We girls decided to take off on this beautiful fall day and head to Rainbow Trout Farm for lunch and maybe do a little antiquing in Ava. This area is so beautiful and so quiet and peaceful. We had a hard time leaving. This is the main building and houses the restaurant. The little house is a rental.

People come here to fly fish. We decided to have a women's weekend soon and get cabins and take fly fishing lessons.

This was a young woman taking lessons.

We couldn't believe the amount of fish people were catching in this river. This gentleman let me take a picture of his catch.

This is the group (except for me) -- Judy, Brenda, Jean, Kay & Linda (seated).

This place is a photographer's dream. Everywhere I looked was another photo op. I caught Brenda in front of this old shed.

Inside the old red mill they've set up a big bar where you can set and have something to drink and watch the water. They had the big back and front barn doors open so the breeze blew through. Judy wanted her picture taken at the bar.

The old mill is just a beautiful structure that has been so well maintained. It's on a road with at least 2 other mills in close proximity. There's a lot to see in this part of Missouri if you don't mind driving. Laura Ingalls Wilder's home is in Mansfield and if you've never seen it, it's well worth the trip. It's really beautiful country.

This was a shop we stopped at in Ava. We all bought something and then went to the drugstore and bought nickel ice cream cones (yes, you heard right). It cost us 30 cents for all our cones. The drugstore looked exactly like it probably did in the 50's but the elderly man's cell phone rang who was setting beside me on one of the old red naugahyde stools. He had on old bibbed overalls & a white t-shirt and was having a vanilla shake. Somehow it just didn't seem right that he should have a cell phone but he did and it rang and he answered it. Life goes on!!!

Have a great week-end!


common ground said...

Jan, this looks like so much fun, what beautiful shots of the waterfall. I'll have to get David to take me this fall. I'm sure the leaves will be spectacular! Maybe if I say "flyfishing" he'll just follow me.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I really enjoyed scrolling your photos and my thoughts plays like a film.

I am wishing when I get older like you, I can still stroll around with my best girlfriends around and enjoy what life offers.

TY for sharing.

Sweet Repose said...

Oh Jan, it is so beautiful down there, I always enjoyed my trip to my aunts house in Hannibal. My EX and I used to drive down frequently in the fall just for the leaves(and the antique shops).

The move is coming along well, we go again today to load up for the shop in LeClaire. Lorie has so much stuff, it's a constant struggle moving all her junk...I think she needs a sale...BIG TIME...but we've got two big fall events coming up, so hopefully sales will pick up!!!

Have a great Sunday with them crazy gals...wish I could come along!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You gals have too much fun together! Your trip looks like it was wonderful, and what a good camera eye you have Jan!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Jan~ Love your beautiful pictures! Looks like fun! ~Mandy

simplyiowa said...

Wow! What beautiful images! And Jan, I would love to see ya at Sale Time! The Jelly Cupboard, and Darling 1870's Childs Chest will be waiting! I didn't make millions... but had a pretty good time!
See Ya! {I hope!}
Barb C.

David said...

What a great place! Nice pictures!

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Too fun! You'll have to grab your girls and come up and visit me!
...I can't wait to see what you do with your books.

simplyiowa said...

Hey Jan!
Yep, the weather is fine! It's this body, or should I say mind, I can't seem to get it into over drive! As I am setting displays, I keep fussing... can't seem to move forward, until it looks perfect... NO TIME FOR PERFECTION!!!
I can see it now, the whole Sale will be a dump sight, except for one tiny corner, that is, in my eyes, perfect...GRRR.
Have a Wonderful Day!
Barb C.

dulcy said...

Looks like such a fabulous fall day kinda trip! Had great fun visiting at lunch the other day. Hope we can get together again soon....


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

I am visiting from Ragamuffin's blog and just wanted to hello and also say how much I am enjoying the music and blog posts on your blog! There is a sweetness here, thank you!
~*~ Patty