Sunday, November 29, 2009

A busy Saturday...

It was a wonderful Saturday at Leola's. Judy and I worked and we were swamped--thankfully. Lots of out-of-towners headed to Branson and tons of people waiting to get in Lamberts. We also had manyof our regular customers who brought visitors here for the weekend. It was a good day with lots of laughs and lots of sales.

This little gal came in with the cutest hat and turns out that she makes them along with many other items. There are just so many creative young women who are actually making a business for themselves not only locally but with the help of the Internet. We wish her luck.

This is Kaylea who now is the proud owner of Jean's red boots. She was so cute and was perfect for the red boots. These boots are definitely not made for walkin'. I'm seeing a lot of dancin' in their future. By the way, she decided to name them Norma & Jean (that's Jean's full name).
This was a picture we took on Fri. of part of the family at Leola's. Stella was staying with G'ma for the day so that's her in front. Shad (Judy's son) and Rob were visiting from St. Louis and Tammy was visiting Bud and Kay (their daughter) from DC. It was such a nice weekend.

Now we've got to be very creative and come up with ways to keep our customers coming all December. I recently heard a report that people were buying more flannel and boots rather then high-end cashmere sweaters and jewelry. We've found that it's brought people back to shops like ours where they can buy a scented candle or a pair of beautiful red boots without breaking the bank. Have a great Sunday!


ShabbySheep said...

LOVE those red boots! And the hat is great too! Yes, there are very many talented people in the Ozarks. Aren't we lucky?

Sweet Repose said...

Yayyy...glad you were busy, so were we, Friday was really a good one, a few straglers on Sunday...we'll take what we can get!!!

Have a great week ahead!


pollyanns said...

So glad to hear it was a good weekend for you, too! We gotta just keep on keepin' on. They'll figure it out eventually. Vintage is the only way to go!!!

simplyiowa said...

Hey Jan!
Thanks for the sweet comment... You are such a blessing, to so many...
Barb C.