Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Sage!!!

Today my grandson Sage is 8 years old. How can that be!!!! Seems like yesterday that he was born and here he is in the 2nd grade. He's so full of life and wonder that sometimes he's a handful but he's truly amazing. Sometimes I want to isolate him from others because you see the annoying looks they get when he talks too loud or is too rambunctious but he just doesn't know yet what self-restraint is. He's been so blessed to have teachers that "get him". He's got a huge heart and has an incredible understanding of God. He loves church and sings in the choir. Tomorrow he'll sing with his choir at their church program and I'll be there to watch and I'll thank God for blessing me with this wonderful boy. What an amazing gift he has been. Happy Birthday dear grandson of mine.

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