Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another day at Leola’s…

Monday is my workday at Leola’s and I was more then ready to be creative.  Judy and Brenda came in to work in their separate shops so we got a lot accomplished. 
The shop is looking incredible and fun.  We’ve stripped out the holiday merchandise and are thinking Spring (even though we have a winter storm watch).  It’s going to be here before we  know it. 
shop - white 001shop - white 004 shop - white 005
shop - white 018 shop - white 026 shop - white 020
shop - white 030
shop - white 031
It’s a cold but sunshiny day today so think I’ll get out before the snow flies.  Maybe I’ll fix stew for dinner and homemade bread.


Susan S. said...

Love the way you arrange things....so pretty! You've got the TOUCH!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Love all the Valentine touches! Those glasses are great! I hope we don't get hit too hard Thursday.

Tracey said...

Hi Jan! WOW, your shop pics look fabulous!!! I do hope Spring comes soon...it's so cold here today!

That stew and homemade bread sounds great ~

:) T

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Yum! Homemade bread.. I see some nice looking ironstone. Everything is looking wonderful! ~Mindy

simplyiowa said...

Barb C.

Sweet Repose said...

WOW..that chandelier...the shop looks great, can't wait for a road trip, sure hope you aren't buried in the mess that's rollin' your way...be careful and keep dreamin' of Spring!!!

Love those candy corns...

rugcottage@blogspot.com said...

Hi Jan,

I just love your blog. Can't wait to visit your shop someday.
Great shot of the sheet music with the alarm clocks. I just love that combination of black, white, cream... Wonderful.

Keep Warm,

simplyiowa said...

Hey Jan!
About the 100 year old, plus, slice of cake... When I bought it, my son, Justin, had a look in his eye, like, Hmmm... wonder what that would taste like.... I warned him, not to even go there! He was around 12, or so.
As far as the Christmas, well, I didn't go there... It was snowing, most of the day, and I'm just now getting my 'legs' back, so I worked in the house...It needs much attention too...
Barb C.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

These are very creative arrangements my friend! You have an amazing eye for creative touches. I miss you ~ we'll have to skate/slide/roll over to each other's house soon. And hey! I am searching for some vintage lace, if you find any I will be glad to purchase it from you! Blessings!