Friday, January 29, 2010

It's not only a snow day, it's also Kenda's day to be spotlighted....

It's another snowy day in the Ozarks.  We are so lucky -- no ice.  It's just a beautiful snow gently falling and I have no where to go.  Don't know why but I have these great days to work and my creative juices dry up.  If anyone has a suggestion on how they get them flowing, I'd sure like to hear it.  I just watch the Food Channel and get hungry.

Anyway, I was at Leola's yesterday and got some some great pictures of Kenda's area.  She is the most "French" of all of us.  She finds the most amazing chandeliers and mirrors, and seems to have her own clientele who come in the door and go straight to Kenda's area.

Guess I'll get back to trying to create with no juices.  The snow keeps getting deeper so something tells me I may be in for a few days.                                 

We just found out we were selected by our local 417 Magazine  as the shop with the best decorating displays.  They said that everytime you go into Leola's it's like going into a new shop because we change things so often.  This is such a compliment for us because we're included with shops for which we've always had such admiration.  Congratulations ladies!!!          


Sweet Repose said...

Seeeee...I know what you mean...mine all started when I went to Time-Worn Interiors and started to go to some of her blog lists and it just clicked...FRENCH...that is the look I'm leaning toward in my front parlor, it has all come together perfectly...and Scratchy has come out unscathed, however the poor lil' heathen is getting a B-A-T-H, we have to spell it out you know, she has been sorely neglected.

But that's the fun part about living in this lil' can go wild and do anything to it, it's a perfect pallet!!!

Very cold today, but Spring is a lil' bit closer!!! Have a great day and congrats at Leolas' it looks MAHVELOUS!!!

ShabbySheep said...

Congrats on the write up in 417 magazine. I just read it yesterday! They are right, it is different each time I come and I love it every time!
Sheri said...

These pictures are amazing. I swear you could get a job as a photographer for these kind of magazines who are giving your shop write ups. You doing ok? You haven't changed your blog for a week. Hope all is well, dear Jan.

simplyiowa said...

Hey Girlie!
I think we are on the same page...I had a million things to do, yesterday, but found the recliner pretty comfy, and the old movies wonderful! I think I needed that! The weather is 'holding' here, for the moment, and I'm working in the store today!
Congrats, on the artical! Someday, I'll get to see it in person!
Barb C.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Congrats on the award ~ I couldn't agree more with them! I love Kenda's mirror. I haven't been to Leolas in soo long and I must visit soon! XO