Saturday, February 6, 2010

A lazy Saturday…..

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve kind of been a “no show” with the blog lately.  I’ve been trying to get some things done in the house and merchandise ready for our Spring Open House at Leola’s and to be honest about it, this isn’t my most productive time of the year.

After checking out an auction this morning, then hitting a flea mkt. (nothing), I decided to check out Leola’s to see if Kenda could use my help.  Thankfully, she was very busy and I stuck around for awhile.  We have another winter storm watch so people seemed to need a break.
shop on Sat 003

 shop on Sat 013
Just hope the snow doesn’t come and the sun will come out for a change.  I did see a big ole robin today so maybe change is on the horizon. 
Have a great Sunday.


Barbsigns4u said...

There you are! You know I miss you when you don't put up a new blog for a week. I too hope the snow passes you by there in the Ozarks. I'm such a home body, I'd just make a nice fire and cuddle up to a good book. Lazy me.


Bev said...

What a darling chair cover! I want 4!

Ahhh...sun...I remember it vaguely. The forecast here is: gray skies forever or so it seems. I promise not to complain about sunny hot days until we've hit 100. :)

David said...

Ready for some sunshine myself!

I recently started using a full spectrum light bulb next to my computer monitor at work. It does seem to help ward off the winter doldrums.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Jan, what a darling little chair and the dresser is wonderful. You've been on my mind and heart this last month. I know January is a hard time. I've got to get down there soon, miss seeing you. I saw Judy at the "Garage Sale" last weekend, that was fun, because I hadn't been for a few years!
take care, hope to see you soon!

simplyiowa said...

Hey Jan!
I have been working out, a little, to 'Gilad'... Oh my! My energy has come back! Wow... I am only giving it 5 to 10 minutes,{ I can't take it! I am a wimp!} But, already feel much better! About writing the book... I would have 'death threats', and have to be re-located! I couldn't even be safe changing names... oh boy!
I am so glad to hear you where busy, over the weekend! I didn't have many people, but I had very good sales! It only takes one person!
Keep writing! We Love You!
Barb C.

dulcy said...

Congratulations on the 417 pick! Of course Leola's needed to be picked for best displays!!!! I'm still clinging to my little sweaty, tatter gift certificate...trying to save it for that "perfect thing". Every time I'm in Leola's I find many "perfect things". So, I must stay strong and save it for spring. Well...maybe not that long......

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Dear Jan ~
I hope you are right about the robin. All of your photos are so lovely and your blog header is perfect! Everything is looking fabulous! Many Blessings!

Sweet Repose said...

I know what you's still snowing lightly, but it looks like 7 inches according to where it comes up to Scratchy's shoulders...we were digging out a pee path in the wee hours...

And the other day when coming home from Sisters' I saw many flights of Canada geese flying back to nest, so that's a good indicator...spring is a comin'...

OMG...the SUN just peeked through!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Are we getting a little stir crazy???