Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great day for junkin'........

Kenda, Olivia, and I met in Fordland on a beautiful spring morning to do a little shopping with Janice.  She has a wonderful store but she's only open for 2 days every 2 or 3 months.  Sometimes, if you're desperate, she'll let you come in between times -- lucky for us. 

We both found some real treasures.  I'm working on a tall white cabinet that had lots of peely paint.  I decided to sand it a little and paint it so someone could actually use it for dishes or books or even linens and won't have to worry about peely paint.  I'll take pictures once it's done.  Also, found a wonderful small wicker table with a door on the front.  She had 3 wonderful old gardening books and a stack of white ironstone.  Now I have to get it ready to go to Leola's.  It might take a few days since it's cold again.

Stella & Phoebe will be with me this week-end.  Allison, John and a small army of friends will be moving them into their new house.  They are all so excited.  The girls will have their first antiqueing outing with Aunt Judy and Gramma.  We're heading to Lebanon for Spring Open House at one of our favorite haunts -- Tattered Treasures.  Our grandchildren have all been introduced to antiqueing and all seem to like it.  Linda's oldest, Jessica, often is in the shop when her mom, Dorlece, helps out (along with baby Bella) and Linda's youngest, Bayli (16), helps her mom, Kelli, out most Sundays & is there this week because it's spring break.

Judy's g'daughter, Jordyn, played her cello for us at Christmas open house and g'son, Eli, has frequently checked out Judy's favorite haunts with her.  Sage is a seasoned garage saler & knows where every bathroom is in every flea mkt. in Springfield.  I'm sure as they grow older, they'll have great memories of running around with their g'ma and "the aunts" as we're frequently called.

I promised myself that I'd start my taxes tonight.  Is there anyone else who has such a difficult time getting taxes done?  Seems I'm the only one around who still hasn't done them.  I hate, hate, hate, hate working with anything related to bookkeeping.  Oh, well,  it's now or never. 


Debra@Common Ground said...

Lucky you gals, getting a private showing with Janice! Be sure and take pictures of Allison's new house once she's settled in. I know it will be wonderful. The pics of the kids are so sweet, they are really getting big! Have fun in Lebanon, I still haven't made it to Terry's yet and I want to go soon!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hey Jan!
oh my gosh...I thought I had been a follower of your wonderful blog all this time...please excuse my rudeness! ;)

When I clicked to read this post, I could have fainted! The lady on the right (with the dark hair) in the second photo looks JUST LIKE ME! We could be twins! Although her hair is so much prettier than mine! :)

That's so cool that you had the chance to go junkin'...lucky you!
Even though I go every weekend here in the South, I'm still jealous of you! ;)

Sweet Repose said...

I can't believe you said the 'T-word'...yuck!!! It takes up so much precious antiquing (or lallygagging) time...derned government anyway!!!

Still can't decide which shutters to hang, guess I'll hang um and see...oh the decisions we have to make in this life..ha!

Lovin' this weather...rain tomorrow!