Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday at Leola's......

Today was my work day and it was very busy.  Springfield has a basketball tournament in town of home schooled teams.  You wouldn't believe how many people that brings to town and they all stay for the entire week.  Lamberts (Home of throwed rolls) was packed & we could hear their announcer all day -- "Johnson party of 8; your table is ready".  It's crazy -- absolutely crazy, the business that restaurant does.

Anyway, it was cold & dismal but people were out and Judy brought new furniture in & redid her area.  I sold an adirondeck chair last week and had another one at home so took it in.  It was so busy that it's still in the back of my car.  There's always tomorrow.  Did get most of what I bought at Janice's in except for the white cabinet that I'm still working on.  It's suppose to be warm again by Thursday so hopefully, I can get some work done in the garage.

Thought you might like to see some new necklaces that Kristi is making.  She does an incredible job with her jewelry.
Tomorrow Pam & I are going to my friend Jane's house so maybe I can get more pictures.  Pam is going to do some work for her & help her out with some projects.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, we gardeners can make a trip to Mansfield to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Mansfield to buy some seeds.  I recieved their beautiful catalogue last week and it is amazing.  I've been noticing that our night time temps have been staying above 30 degrees so we can start some of the early seeds.  It's worth a try anyway.  I'm so anxious!!!! 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


Debra@Common Ground said...

Kristi has it wrapped up on creative, unique jewelry. Love how she has it displayed at the store! I want to head down to Mansfield someday to the seed store, looks like a lot of fun!
Have a great week. I'm finally in the bigger booth, wow, a lot of work but fun seeing it put together!
See ya soon,

Sweet Repose said...

Can't wait to start my scarlet peas, I shred the seed with my friend Lorie of Altered Art, she's quite the gardener and is working her dream job at a greenhouse...sigh...

The gal that does all the signs is Elaine, she is such a sweetie and will do anything you ask her to and she'll paint them on anything too.

Glad you're having busy times, we're still waiting at the Candle Shed. We're watching a town die, as our unemployment is #10 in Iowa, so that ain't good...

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love this music! And WOW! It's great to hear that y'all are busy. I do love to garden. Now, I need to find the time before the season is over, huh? Great to hear from you. Once this show is over, maybe I'll get caught up on you. hugs! ~Mindy