Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bluebird's Vintage Market

Theresa definitely puts on a great antique sale.

Kelli and Bayli at the sale. In our family, we start them off young.

I wanted to post this morning to remind anyone close that Bluebirds Vintage Mkt. is going on this weekend and they had tons of great merchandise. If you need directions, check out Theresa's blog and you can find them there.


T's Daily Treasures said...

oh wow! The area itself is so beautiful and green. I wish I could be there -- but I'm nearly 10,000 miles away. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hi Jan~
Sure wish I'd have visited your blog sooner ~ looks like a wonderful place and event! We need to catch up sweetie. Looking forward to some summer mornings getting together. Blessings ~ k

Bluebird aka Teresa said...

Thanks Jan! It was a whirlwind but so much fun and I'm already contemplating a bigger and better 2011! Thanks for the photos and for your support! I'll work on my blog and upload some more good pictures as soon as a little bit of the dust clears :)

Sweet Repose said...

How fun, wish I had time to go to some sales...but alas, the moving drudgery has me by the's the wee hours o the mornin' that get me down...can't move!!!

Time for some stretches...ha!