Friday, May 7, 2010

My porch.......

I've worked so hard this week trying to get my porch ready for summer.  This spring has been very messy.  With the double-whammy of excessive pollen and those helicopters that come off the trees, it's been hard to enjoy the porch.  Some of the screen on the door needed to be replaced so I decided to take the door off, paint it black & do a curtain effect on the bottom with burlap.  What do you think?

The bent willow chair above is one of a pair and there's also a table.  A few years ago Ralph Lauren white-washed a couple of these and put cushions in them.  I'm seriously considering trying this.  There's so much wood on the porch that I think it might brighten it a bit.

These are baby doves that were hatched last week on my electrical box.  Their mom set there for a couple of weeks and watched me work around her & never moved.  We even got to where we talked some.
This is a cart that I keep on my backporch & use for a potting table, buffet & various other things.  It now has been painted black also.  My friend Brenda has been staying here lately while her new house is being remodeled and she has used so much black in her house that it has totally changed my opinion of black.  She even stained some of her floors black.  All of her doors are black and her kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  It really looks great.  I'll take pictures when she gets moved in.

I've told myself that this is going to be the summer of my content.  I've only read one book since Mike died and I use to read continually.  I'm going to try my best to get that back.  It's impossible to figure out why it is that I can't concentrate but I can't & I miss reading.  My porch is almost finished and that's my favorite spot -- I intend to take advantage of it.  We'll see what happens.

Have a great weekend.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh, I am in love with that screen door!

And how sweet are those doves?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

Your porch door looks GREAT ! I love your porch - hope to have one myself one day. Remember when I used to come and stay for days and days and we'd sit and read ? I LOVED those visits - hope to have that kind of visit again sometime!
Love you!

Sweet Repose said...

You go girl, it's time for have so much creativity inside, time to let it out...the screen door is brilliant and I'm with ya on the white for the chairs, it'll definitely brighten it up.

Love the black too...I even like it in flat for a really primitive look...have a great Mom's day...I'll be playing with boxes...all weekend!!! Ha!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Jan, the door looks fabulous! What a great idea. Ditto with the whitewashed willow chairs. Love the dove babies, what cuties! Have a blessed weekend!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

OMGoodness ~ I love your little family of doves! I should have know that you spoke dove my dear! I can't wait to come by and see your cleaned off porch. It is such a magical place! Love you!~k

Bluebird aka Teresa said...

We had doves at my mom's house's been fun to watch the babies grow! Happy Mother's Day...I love your porch and you've encouraged me to clean on mine some more...Check out this neat blog about Moms...