Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday at Leola’s….

Pam's 003 And it was certainly a busy one…..thankfully!  We have lots of things going on including the addition of new vendors.  Brooke and Jennifer are bringing in their vintage goods.  It’s their first time in a shop and we are so excited for you to see what they do.  They are amazing!  In order for them to have the space they needed, Kelli moved to the front with Linda and Pam moved into a new space.  While Pam was working, I took Pam's 004some pictures. Pam's 001

Pam is starting to make some bedding and it is going to be wonderful.  She uses mainly whites like the pillow shown.  Just wait!!  I’ll be posting about it soon.  Stay tuned – there’s lots going on at Leola’s.


Myra said...

I have been wanting to come back down for weeks, and your post today only makes me want to more!! I talked to you at your spring open house, you put a photo of me and my friend on here - I'm the one who has hair similar to yours! (short, graying!). I love your blog and I love Leola's. Can't wait to come back!

summersundays-jw said...

Thanks, Myra, for checking my blog out & for visiting Leola's. You'll be so surprised -- everything has changed (except the people). Jan

Jenny said...

I love those pictures!!!!

The background in the last photo is totally cool - I LOVE IT!!!

Great job!!!