Friday, July 16, 2010

A few days in Eureka Springs, Arkansas....

My sisters and I took off this week for a few days in Eureka Springs.  Even though it was incredibly hot, we had the best time.  We stayed in a wonderful Victorian house that is part of Hearthstone Inn & Cottages.  We've stayed there before so we knew what a great place it is.  The owners keep the place spotless & every morning guests gather in the dining room for an amazing breakfast and then they serve cookies and cold drinks in the afternoon.  I don't think we've ever stayed anywhere that we've been treated as well as we are at the Hearthstone (& I wasn't paid to say that).

My good friend, Linda, & her husband, Keith, moved to Eureka Springs recently and totally remodeled an old cottage that was built in the late 1800's.  They have totally fallen in love with both the town and the people.  We met them for dinner at their favorite local hangout, The New Delhi, and had catfish and beer (delicious).  We also got to meet some of the locals.  What an experience!  I've never been to New Orleans but I think there must be lots of similarities.  My friends walk downtown at night to have dinner and listen to music and feel perfectly safe walking back home after dark.  It just seems to be a wonderful, non-judgemental place to live.  And might I add -- constantly entertaining.

We also discovered some wonderful new antique stores.  As usual, we came home with lots more then we started with.  I'm hoping to go back soon & spend a few days with my friend.  It's just impossible to see it all in 3 days.  Thought you might enjoy a few pictures.

Eureka Sprgs. has the most amazing architecture.  As Linda & Keith found, they have very stringent rules about changes people make to their property.  Because of that, they've kept the original cozy flavor of the town.  Everything is built on extremely steep hills so most houses are several stories tall.  You drive along narrow streets that just drop off on the sides.  It's definitely not a good place to be when it snows which luckily, doesn't happen much there.

This is a view of the beautiful old hotel in Eureka Springs.  It's supposedly haunted.

Hope you enjoyed the trip.  We sure did. 

Have a great weekend!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Simply delightful reading about your trip! How wonderful to walk home feeling safe and to be around all that creativity! Your friend is a lucky gal and so are you! Glad you had such a good time!
~ Katie

dulcy said...

Always a good time to be had in Eureka! And I think it's time for a girlfriend date with you and Katie. Maybe in a week or so we can at least have lunch.


Queenplinker said...

Thank you for stopping by and your comments :0)

I really enjoyed your photos, I've only been to Arkansas once. But what a trip, so much beauty around every turn!

Have a wonderful evening, Lynea

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What lovely photos, it looks like it was a great trip.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

hollyhock garden antiques said...

thank you! wow eureka springs sounds fun maybe some day i can get away