Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvesting hydrangeas.....

It's hydrangea cutting time so yesterday before the heat got unbearable, I cut a bunch of the flowers and let them sit for awhile in a galvanized bucket of cold water.  They seemed very grateful for it and really perked up.  Then I put them in bunches, tied them with twine and hung them on my back porch to drip dry.  Today I'll bring them in & let them dry in the cool house.  They always sell well for me at Leola's.

Usually I work on Mondays but Kelli wanted to switch days with me.  I went early today to pick up some new merchandise.  It included a bunch of vintage suitcases that had been stored for years and they're sooooo smelly.  They're laying all over my driveway right now trying to air out.  Years ago Martha suggested using vodka to get odors out of furniture so I'm thinking I might try it if fresh air alone doesn't work.  And a vodka tonic might help me through the heat of the afternoon -- & make me smell better.  Wish me luck.


Dana-v said...

That last line gave me a chuckle! Thanks!

Virginiarose said...

Oh my your Hydrangeas are to die for.A friend of mine brought some for me just today.They are so nice to have hanging around.
Have a good day not to many Gin and Tonic.
Take Care of YOU Ginger

David said...

One word... Tito's!

As usual, enjoying your bloggy music!

dulcy said...

Vodka Tonic.....Yes!! Time for a girlfriend outing!

ina said...

nice i like hydrageana s , i come from holland

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Ahh, those hydrangeas are just gorgeous! :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Bluebird aka Teresa said...

Yum, g&t sounds good on a hot day. You can try crumpled newspapers inside the suitcases and/or putting a piece or two of charcoal inside. Sometimes vinegar erases odors. But likely the hot sun will do it the best. Good luck and love your hydrangeas!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jan ~
You've got me laughing out loud! Mark asked what was going on and I said "Oh Jan's post!" I'll come over and join ya. With the tonic, not the suitcases. If I want to smell a smelly suitcase, I'll just go into the attic.

Your top photo is lovely! I think you should print and frame it. It really is that good!
Love ya hon!
~ Katie