Monday, September 13, 2010

The winner is......

The winner of my give-away during Fall Open House is Laura Tennison and she's already been in to pick it up.  Congratulations, Laura, & thanks for visiting during open house and also, for being a follower on my blog.

It was an amazing open house.  The shop was buzzing almost continually and we heard so many wonderful comments and, thankfully, lots of people were buying.  It's so gratifying after you've worked your tail off to have your customers appreciate it.

I worked today and it was still busy.  Tomorrow, the quilt shop 3 doors from us, is having a huge seminar so should be another good day.  We are truly blessed.

Have a great week!!!

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Virginiarose said...

Glad your open house went well ,it makes all the work a little easier to forget.
I saw on your comment to Barb yesterday you are coming up for open house.Well I would like to invite you stop at What Cheer Flea Market.It will proably take you a day to get through it,but oh so worth it. Just ask Ki she was there in the spring for 2 days.
Hope to see you there.20 miles south of I80 on Hiway 21
Have a great week Ginger