Sunday, March 6, 2011

Projects, projects, projects.....

Can't stand watching basketball but can't stand to miss it.  Our Mo. State University Bears are playing for the conference title and are losing by just a couple of points.  I had to turn it off or have a nervous breakdown.

Thought I'd show some of my projects I've been working on.  I was bummed because the door on my little chimney cupboard didn't turn out the way I wanted it too .  I've resanded but will have to wait to paint until it warms up a little.  Such a waste of time.

Did get Linda's chair done.  The chair ended up being more of a re-upholstery job then a slipcover.  Too many things to go around so just got out the old staple gun & went to town.

These are two of my lampshades.  The first is a chenille and I had several of these little while milkglass lamps.  They're perfect together.  The second is a work-in-progress.  Thought the red ticking would go with lots of things.  I'm thinking I'll make one for myself to go on the backporch.  I love a lamp on the porch.

I purchased this painted canvas with wonderful tags on it.  It's really a work of art with wonderful little treasures attached.

Better get back to work.  Spring Open House is this coming weekend and I still have a million things to do. 

Have a great week!


Andrea said...

The chair looks wonderful, Jan! I cannot wait for the Spring Open House. See you soon!

Sharon Wengel said...

Jan ,
My sis and I are going to come up for the open house this Friday, We are also going to JoAnn's in Springfield for a sale there , going to make a fun day of it. Hope to see you ! I love that little chimney cupboard .

Linda said...

You are always working on a project and the amazing thing is they all down out great - like I say glad I have have a talented friend.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your creations look wonderful! I cannot wait to come and see all of the work and loveliness of Leolas next weekend!!!
blessings my friend,
~ Katie

Minden Place said...

I love the chenille lamp shade!! The chair turned out great. Good luck getting ready.