Monday, May 9, 2011

My Aunt Lillian's auction......

On Saturday morning sister Jean & I made the trek to Kansas City for my Aunt Lillian's auction.  She was the last of my mother's siblings and she died just short of her 100th birthday.  When I was very young, she lived on a farm in Buffalo, Mo., and lots of the things in this sale came from that farm.  It was sad but yet wonderful to see so many of her things went to family members who will treasure them.  My cousin, Liz, bought her sewing machine which was her career for many years.  She was truly an artist at that machine. 

Here are some of my treasures.
These were her old galvanized wash tubs that were used on the farm.  These were my favorite things.  I'm taking one to Allison then I think I might either put geraniums or tomatoes in mine.  Aren't they wonderful?

She was an excellent homemaker and always had a huge garden and canned everything.  This was one of her jars and some of her huge collection of pearls.  I've always said it was possible to wear pearls even with a little dirt under your fingernails.  She was a perfect example of that.  And she always wore a perfectly ironed apron -- that she had made.

This handmade box must have been her son's.  It has the most wonderful hand painting on it and was apparently, what held his Boy Scout "stuff".  It's amazing folk art.

Loved the old suitcases.  The white shelf is an old handmade bucket bench that you can tell had been well used.  They always had lots of chickens so I imagine that she kept her buckets on here for feeding the chicks.

It was a beautiful day and came home with a good feeling about the sale.  There were so many of our family there and everyone went home with remembrances of Aunt Lillian & Uncle Elz.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I'm off to work at Leola's.


Dana-v said...

I'm dying over that turquoise table and those wash bins. So glad you got to take home a piece of her.

Sharon Wengel said...

Great stuff Jan , and stuff with memories , even better !

Hayley said...

Such wonderful things. Wish more of my treasures were connected to people in my family. Perhaps you're out in this heatwave today finishing projects?

Jenny said...

Sweet rememberences! Love your wash bins and the old desk!