Sunday, June 12, 2011

A gorgeous summer weekend......

It was a beautiful summer weekend in the Ozarks.  It cooled down a little on Saturday so it was a great day to work outside.  Worked in the garden then had a call that someone wanted to see the house so sister Judy came by and we went to Leola's.  It was a very busy day and we got there just in time to help Kristi out.    Love it when it's like that.

Also, my kids came home from a week at the beach.  I had missed them but Allison kept me in touch with them with constant pictures.  They look so darn cute with that beachy bronze glow & their little brown feet in their flip flops.
I also managed to stop at one garage sale on Saturday and found a spinning wheel.  It was all in pieces but easily went back together.  I love the old wood that looks oiled & the old metal parts.  Does anyone know anything about these.  Do I dare glue it together or was it supposed to come apart.    Not sure what to do with it but I love it.

And my friend brought this wonderful bird cage over for me to babysit for awhile.  She runs out of room for her things sometimes so she brings some that she loves over for me to store.  I think this birdcage may stay on my back porch for the summer.  I'm thinkin' I'll put some of my battery candles in it.

Tomorrow is my work day at Leola's so that's where I'll be heading.  Something tells me that the shop will be in a mess after the busy weekend.

Have a wonderful week.


TamboinMO said...

That bird cage is the bombe! I know you'll do something fabulous with it!

OLIVIA said...


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hope all is well. The spinning wheel was a great find and that birdcage could be used for so many things. Have a great day. Tammy