Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday road trip.....

Sister Jean had a funeral she needed to go to in Green Forest, Ark., so Judy and I decided we would take her and have a great excuse to hit some of our favorite antique spots in that area.  The day started off very hot but we ran into a few raindrops on the way to Branson which gave us this gorgeous rainbow.  You could actually see it across some of the trees up on the hills.  So many people think of Branson for it's shows and shopping but it also has amazing natural beauty.  It was a beautiful drive on this Saturday morning.

I was so happy that we had time to run into Harrison and pick up my favorite bread in the whole wide world at Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Cafe.  O-K I admit it, I bought muffins too.  It wasn't lunchtime yet so we didn't have lunch but we promised to come back soon.

Then on to Green Forest where we left Jean while Judy & I hit some shops.  It was very disappointing -- nothing.  Is it just us or are pickings kind of slim right now?  There aren't shops anymore it seems -- just flea mkts.  We did finally make it to Eureka Springs (sorry Linda) where we always find great shops.  We always love Simply White.  It's such a feast for the eyes. 

We had a hard time making it through the town because the bikers were in town and it was crazy.  They were hanging out of every bar and restaurant and the streets were packed.  We finally found a place for a quick lunch and headed out of town and home.  We were all pooped from the heat.

We found a few little things but nothing really great.  For some reason, I've fallen in love with these oval baskets.  I don't know why but just keep collecting them.

I also love this table that I purchased at my friend Katy's garage sale.  I painted the bottom with chalk paint and waxed it and then just waxed the top.  It is so cute and trying to decide rather to take it to Leola's or keep it.  That's always difficult.

 Thought I would show the painting I bought at Clive's sale.  It's perfect for my fireplace.  It had needed something larger and this with it's peely frame is exactly what was called for.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Please remember to include the people of Norway in your prayers and if you have a blogger on your favorites list from Norway, it would be a good time to visit and tell them that we feel their pain.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Dear blog friend,
I am trying to put together a bloggers board.
This board would contain the name of the blog, the first name of the author ( last name, if you allow ) and birthday-- month and day only.
Once I get this put together, I will email to all participants.
If you know of others who would like to be listed, please give them my email address so I can add them.
I just think it would be handy to know when our friends birthdays are so we can send them our best wishes.
Those of you who have not yet sent me your address, please do. These will not be part of the blog board, but for my own personal address book. I like to send cards now and then.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Jan, your painting turned out just beautifully on the mantle. It's perfect! and I love all those great baskets, too.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hi Jan! Loved what you did to the table! Right now I am finding lots of treasures in the Lebanon flea mkt. Great things and low low prices! Hope you are enjoying this heat : ) Many happy blessings ~ love, me