Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a weekend......

This has just been an amazing weekend.  We had such a good opening night for Leola's on Thursday evening.  We had all worked so hard the previous days that we were a little pooped but with so much going on, we kind of forgot.  I managed to get a few pictures between writing tickets and wrapping merchandise.  This is a pic of some of our favorite customers from Lebanon.
Debra came to take pictures of the shop and brought her sister.  Do they not look great in Pam's orange jackets?
Mandy and her nice husband are always there to support us.  We have so many good, loyal customers.  Wish I could have taken more pictures of them.
The store never looked better.  Check out some of the creativity.

This seems to be a slow downloading day for blogger so think I'll try posting more photos tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.  It's a beautiful day in the Ozarks and we're headed to LaRussell, where we lived for about 5 years during my high school years.  Our friend, Barbara, who's visiting us right now, also lived there & they have an annual get-together.  We've never gone back for it before but with Barbara here, we thought we'd go back and see some our old friends.

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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oh it was SO fun, can someone say, "chunky pumpkin"? xoxo