Monday, January 30, 2012


Usually Monday is my workday at Leola's but Kelli worked for me today.  It was a gorgeous 65 degree day and after spending some time in the yard, I worked on some of the merchandise I've accumulated lately.  The sun was so warm coming onto my back porch that it was a perfect day to wax furniture. 

These are some wax molds I found and they're very industrial.  Think they would be great for flowers.  Didn't count but think there are 10.

Don't know if you can see it but there's is a yellowish wire basket that I think I'll save for spring open house.  It would be wonderful on a porch with a big plant in it.  It's very heavy so would set and not blow over (nor could the squirrels knock it over).

I'm trying to create a few handmade things for the shop.  I've been making strawberries and hope to have a big bowl full by open house.  Love the way they turned out.  Also, made a few pillows.  The one shown is made from an old linen.  With a little luck, I'll also get some lampshades made.
Sage's BSA box is almost finished.  I found some wonderful handles that look like they're hand forged.  Looks much better then the electrical cord.

Tomorrow I plan to applique insects on a pair of overalls for g'daughter, Stella.  She loves her overalls and asked if I could please decorate them for her & she asked specifically for insects.  Her sister, Phoebe, called this morning before they went to school to say "hi" (which I love) and Stella got on the phone to tell me that she would really like a butterfly setting on a flower.  She just asked that I not put any scary insects on them.  It's so funny because she loves her overalls and kind of funky clothes but Phoebe likes more stylish clothes.  Hard to believe they're twins.  Guess that's a good thing -- they're both very confident with who they are.  They're a hoot!


Danavee said...

Love your strawberries!

dulcy said...

Oh Jan.... I love all this stuff! Those strawberries are darling! Also, you're so right about those molds. Would make fab flower vases!


Kelli said...

Great stuff Jan!

Andrea said...

I love the strawberries too! When is the Spring Open House?

Olivia said...

i can't wait for the open house!
and you have some great stuff! i love your strawberries!

xoxo Olivia :)

Minden Place said...

Jan, your strawberries are darling~can't wait to see the overalls!