Thursday, January 12, 2012

A cold, snowy day......

It's a cold, snowy, wintry day in Missouri, and I'm so grateful that I can stay in & stay warm.  All night long I heard the wind howling around my house and it's still doing it today.  They say the wind chill is 4 degrees.  We needed cold because too many things were thinking it was spring & popping out of the ground.  I cut forsythia yesterday to force.  It had buds on it so it should bloom.

Went to an auction with sister, Judy, on Tuesday and found a few things.  Seems it's been so long since we've gone to an auction where we could afford to buy.  When we first went in, I spied this little chest & told Judy that if I had to cash in an IRA, I was getting that chest.  Seldom do I find something that I really love but I love this.  Good news, my IRA is still intact & got to bring the chest home with me.
Also, found pieces for the shop.  It's so hard at this time of the year to find good pieces so we were  happy campers.  Judy bought the coolest chopping block we had ever found.  It's an amazing piece and is going to Leola's.  Sorry, didn't get a picture.
She also bought this little buggy.  I loved it but when we go to auctions, we sometimes have to take turns choosing.  But most times, we want completely different things.  Linda & I seem to like the same things but she couldn't make the sale (so sad because I would have never gotten the little chest).

They had many really nice prints and oil paintings.  I spotted this one because it had g'daughter, Stella's, name on it and she loves horses.  It will stay with me until she's older and, hopefully, will want it.  I can sometimes find "Allinson" cutting boards that I collect for my Allison and sometimes you see "sage" things but haven't found anything with "Phoebe" on it.  For son-in-law, John, I've collected old corkscrews.  He has quite a collection.  Poor Phoebe.....I'll figure out something.
We did have to set through at least 500 Precious Moments figurines that they sold one-at-a-time.  Oh, please!  When you're not a "Precious Moments" person that's really difficult.  While we waited, I took pictures of the crowd and we made up stories (not mean stories, just stories) .  There were so many "characters".  I think it would be such great fun to write a book about people at an auction.  Not to make fun of them but because it's just so darn interesting.  Wonder if I have to get an "ok" from people I've taken pictures of?  I love the study of people.

Well, if I'm to be at all productive today, I'd better get busy.


Dana-v said...

HA! I am cracking up at the Precious Moments thing! SO sorry!

Andrea said...

I had to laugh when I saw the Precious Moments comment and then I saw Danavee thought the same thing!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my! That's too cold for me. It gets in the 40's here and these concrete buildings with no insulation just feel like iceboxes. I can't sleep when I'm chilled to the bone. Love that chest you got. Hope things have warmed up a bit. Best wishes, Tammy