Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My projects.......

It may be cold outside but it's bright in my kitchen where I tend to work on furniture this time of the year.  Don't ask me why but I can't stand to go to the basement to work.  I want to see outside.  Plus it's always nice to be close to the peanut butter jar in case you get hungry.

This is my latest project.
I bought this box at my 99 yr. old aunt's auction several months ago and wanted to fix it for Sage.  He's a cub scout and takes it very serious.  He and his dad just finished a car for the soap box derby they do every year.  The box has the greatest folk art all over it.  I'd love to know whose it was and who did the painting on it.

It's been cleaned and some of the old hardware removed.  The handles were the old electrical cords that used to be on appliances so I'll have to come up with something for handles.  New hardware will include a hinge that keeps it from falling down on their hands.  I'll take more pictures when it's finished.

Also pulled some fabric today to make something for Valentines day.  Not certain what that will be.  This red fabric was what I used to make the girls Christmas skirts.  They turned out so cute that I wish I'd bought more of the fabric.

Guess I'd better get busy if these projects are to be accomplished.  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.

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Debra @ Common Ground said...

That trunk is a real keeper for sure! and Jan, that fabric looks like red roses all bunched together. I'm ready for some Valentine fun!!