Sunday, February 12, 2012

Favorite homemade bread.....

This past summer I purchased the book "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" after someone suggested it as a good, easy way to make my own bread.  Every time I look at all the ingredients in ready-made food, I become more determined to make my own.  It's also such a waste to buy a loaf of no-taste bread and end up throwing over half the loaf away.

It is just the best bread and just a few simple ingredients.  I've started buying my yeast in bulk at our local health food store, Mamajeans.  It's so fresh and is much cheaper then the yeast we've always used.  You put the warm water, yeast, & salt in a plastic refrigerator container (I also buy sea salt that's chunky in bulk at the health food store....such a bargain).  I grind the salt a little in an old coffee grinder.  The yeast and salt don't have to dissolve before you dump in the flower and just mix it together (no kneading required).  Let it set out on the cabinet for about 2 hours & it looks like this.

The dough then should be placed in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours or up to a week.  I take out enough for a small boule and then put the rest back in the frig.  You just form the boule and let it raise for about 20 min. while the oven pre-heats.  I bake mine on a pizza stone.  This is what the dough looks like while rising.

The crust looks hard to chew but it isn't and it is wonderful for a sandwich.  I slice it at a slant and it makes the perfect sandwich.  It also makes the best toast with my home-made jelly. 

If you want the recipe, let me know but I suggest you buy the book because it's loaded with great recipes and ideas.  They now have a recipe for pizza dough that is supposed to be amazing.  That's the next thing I'm trying.

We have winter storm warnings tonight so we'll see if Leola's is open tomorrow (my work day).  If not, I loaded the back porch wood box with wood and I have lots of books on my Kindle.  Not to mention all the projects I'm trying to get done for our Spring Open House.  Guess we'll just see what happens.  


Dog Trot Farm said...

I do enjoy a good loaf of homemade bread and this bread looks simply delicious. I like crispy, chewy, crust with a soft middle. I think this would be a perfect recipe to try. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Julie.

Andrea said...

I was just thinking tonight that I usually eat ham sandwiches on french bread with tomato soup all winter and it is the perfect night for it. That bread would be amazing for that meal. May I have the recipe please?

(And I am doing the anti-snow dance so you just might have to work tomorrow!)

Danavee said...

ME TOO!!! Recipe, pretty please??

I got my firewood in also.......I hope you get a day off!!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't want the recipe, but I'd be your friend forever if you baked me a loaf!

Seriously, it does look delicious!

Susan said...

This looks wonderful! I can't wait to buy the book !

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan!! So, my mom called me a few days ago and told me about this bread...I'm the only one in the family that might attempt it. I'm worried that if I start making it that I'll have to start providing bread for my mom and sister. Anyway...would you send me the recipe? I'll friend you on Facebook. Thanks! Lea Krannawitter (Johnson)