Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside........

It is so cold here this morning that I couldn't make myself get out and go to an antiques show with Judy.  It takes a lot to keep me from an antiques show.  After having such a mild winter, this is brutal.  At least the sun is out.

It may seem strange on such a cold morning, but I really wanted a smoothie.  Smoothies always make me feel good.....maybe because they have so many good things in them.  Here's how I make mine......
I start with about 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt (vanilla), then squeeze the juice of 1 orange, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana, a couple frozen strawberries, about a 1/2 cup ice & I use 1 scoop of whey protein powder.  Blend until a nice smooth consistency & enjoy.  There's always enough left that I can freeze for dessert after dinner. 

After reading about the orange juice that we buy, I've started squeezing my own orange juice.  I use just a little hand-held juicer & if you use the big oranges, you only need 1/2 of an orange.  There's nothing to add to it....just straight orange juice.  I'll never go back.

Bought my first Florida strawberries at the store yesterday and guess what I had for dessert last night???  I had Gharadelli chocolate squares left over from Christmas baking so stuck it into the microwave (according to directions) and look what I got.
There were originally 8 strawberries.  They are so expensive at the local candy store and so easy to make.  They're like muffins.....every time I make muffins, I look at them and figure out that at $2.95 each at the bakery, I've saved so much.  Have to love that!

I'm going over to stay with the grands this afternoon and evening.  They're getting to the age where it's easier to go to their house sometimes so they can play with their own things.  Besides, I think they just like a day to hang out at home (they call it a pajama day).

Have a great weekend!


Andrea said...

I'm very glad the sun was out today. That helped survive the awful temps, but I'm not sure I could have had the smoothie knowing how cold it was!

Sharon said...

Pam and I went to the antique show today and came away empty handed . We then headed over to Mike's Uniques and I found a wonderful little french look chair that I am going to paint and recover . So all was not lost . It was cold out there !

Danavee said...

Are you hoping for a SNOW DAY?????