Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another beautiful weekend.....

It's been a beautiful Saturday although a little too warm for me.  Woke at 5:30 this morning so Jean, Judy and I could take off for a great farm sale way down in the boonies.  It was a gorgeous drive and so worth the early wake-up.  I loved it because these girls specialize in primitives and that's what I love.
We found several things and they all fit in Jean's car.
It was a great sale and a perfect day for it.

Then we had to stop at Tattered Treasures in Lebanon.
When we came back to town, I got to see Sage play a little tennis.  It was so hot but kids don't seem to notice.
Tonight is the night for the big moon so going to try to get some pictures.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot one but I don't have to go anyplace and the AC is cranked up.  Of course those weeds in the garden are getting bigger every day.

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Danavee said...

Can't believe we're using the AC in early May!!!!