Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A productive week....

Managed to get a lot done this week.....thankfully.  The weather cooled a little so I could work in the garage.  It seems so early to be complaining about the heat but it's been darn hot in southwest Missouri.  Just seems like one week we had the heat on and the next, it was the AC.

My garden looks amazing.  Everything is growing so fast.  My lavender is almost ready to harvest and it's huge.  Maybe I'll have enough to bundle for sale.  The same goes for my sage (not the g'son but the herb).  It is just a huge bush this year.  The herb garden also includes thyme, oregano, chives, basil and mint.  It's just a great year for growing things.

This is one of my projects from this week.  It's a little French table that would be great by a bed.  It has a little blue in the paint and goes with a lamp that I redid with the same blue.  I'm really loving this soft blue.

Don't know why the first picture looks so pink (I'm sure it was nothing I did).  It's definitely not pink. 

This next picture is the lamp I painted.  I also made the shade with one of the frames I brought back from Vermont.  It has been so difficult for me to give up my shades.  Maybe I should quit using fabrics that I love.

The fabric just has a hint of pale blue in it and the white part on the lamp is milkglass.  That's another problem I have.....I love lamps.  I have them in every nook and cranny of my house.

Another love of mine are the battery candles I sell at Leola's.  There are several on my back porch right now in Mason and Ball jars.  They are so peaceful when the sun starts to go down.  I sometimes use a lamp but there are times when I just want mellow lighting.  The g'kids all use one in their bedrooms for nightlights.  When I'm having company, I'll put some on the rock ledges and in the potting shed.  They have a total candle feel but no worry about fire.

My 2 bunny friends that seem to enjoy hangin' in my backyard.  Luckily, there's lots of  clover out there so they've left the lettuce alone.
Well, I'm working tomorrow so guess I'd better get things together......oh, and watch American Idol.  Have a good rest of the week!


Danavee said...

We're watching Idol right now.

Finally found someone who loves lamps as much as I do!!!

Susan said...

LOVE the lamp and the table! You do wonderful projects!!!!

rustandruffles said...

Yummy..what pretty projects!