Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial week-end......

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.  It's going to be a busy week in my world.  We're having a little party at Leola's on Thursday night so we're changing the shop and bringing in new merchandise that reflects our love of porch and garden.

My neighbor brought this chair over last night and I fell in love with it.  He hand-canes and does an amazing job.  He's going to do a ladderback chair next.  I'm hoping they'll work in my dining room.  Right now my chairs are reproduction windsors and they're really too big so I'd love to get something different.  I think the said he had 90 chairs that need to be recaned.  I'm taking this one to the shop to sell.  Hopefully, someone will appreciate such fine workmanship.

It's been a fun weekend around my house.  Sister-in-law, Susan & her husband, Mike, came for a visit and to do a few things for me around the house.  My swing had gotten so weathered that I didn't like to sit in it so now it's nice and clean.  He also powerwashed a bench that will go to the shop and did some work on my little potting shed. It just kept leaning forward.  It is now nice and straight again.

We went to Aunt Linda's house for a picnic on Saturday night.
 The kids love their little cousin Bella.  Bella and her parents bought my kids house when they moved so Bella now sleeps in the girl's former bedroom.  I love that!
 Brother Bud's & SIL Kay's girls surprised them and drove down for the day.  Julie and her family live in St. Louis and Tammy lives in Washington DC.
 Bud and his g'daughter, Madison......she just finished her first year in college and is home for the summer.
 My boy Sage.  His sister, Phoebe, took this picture and I love it.  The girls love to use my camera and they can take amazing photos.  How can you not love that face!  He has the biggest heart and the thought that anyone could ever hurt his feelings hurts my heart.
 The girls.....looking up at the sky.  So great to just be a kid.
 Bella's mom & sister Linda's g'daughter, Jessica......sister for Bella is expected in August.
 Susan and Judy enjoying the beautiful weather.  A nice breeze always blows at Linda's farm so even when it hits 90, it's pleasant.
 Sisters, Linda and Jean.....
 Kelli and Bayli.......
 Sage and Bella.....she loves her big cousin Sage.

We had such a nice evening but today, it's off to work.  We always open Memorial Day because there's lots of traffic.  Hope you have a great finish to this holiday weekend and stay safe.


Sharon said...

Beautiful children ! That Sage is a knockout ! Have a great Memorial day ! I was in the store last Wednesday , I always walk away with lots of ideas and wanting to change something in my house .lol

Andrea said...

Phoebe did a great job capturing that picture of Sage! Quite the photographer. I'm excited for Thursday, although my realtor put me on a spending freeze until I sign on my house in July.

Danavee said...

We stopped in on Saturday! Came home with a few goodies too!