Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall is in the air.......

Fall is definitely in the air and you can see it all around.  When I look out my front windows, I see color appearing in my big maple tree.  Gratefully, it's raining here this morning (remainder of the hurricane) and it makes it smell like fall.  Slowly, the grass is turning green again and the garden is perking up.

I've been working hard to get everything together for Leola's fall open house and I think I'm getting there.  Judy, Linda and I took off this week to find our bittersweet and other dried things to decorate the store.  We have a good friend who lives on Stockton Lake and has lots of land so we headed that direction.  We loaded in his truck and drove out through the pastures.  It just does so much for my soul to get out into the country once in awhile.  It was a warm but beautiful day and no problems with bugs or poison ivy.

There's nothing like seeing those first orange berries out in the woods.  Unfortunately, most of the bittersweet that grows along the roads has been killed by road crews spraying to make their jobs easier.  Have you noticed how many dead trees there are on our country roads.  They, too, have been sprayed.

The back of Judy's pickup was piled full of this glorious vine.

Jim wanted to show us this old deserted house.  What a wonderful photo opportunity.  I'd love to make a wonderful Christmas wreath and go back in December for more pictures.  Can't you just see it with a wreath on the door?

We risked the rickety steps and broken floor boards and went inside.  There were the most amazing muddobbers nests.  This one looked like a bat.

This picture is our dear friend, Jim.  He's one of the few who has chosen exactly the life he wants to live.  It's great to be around someone who's so content with his life.  Love seems so rare.

Stay happy, Mr. Stockton!

Well, better get busy again.  Lots to do.  Have a great weekend.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Looks like a fun day, I love bittersweet and never can find any. Glad there wasn't any poison ivy around. See you next Thursday!!

jc@leolas said...

This is great. Love the house photos--Jim is always so photogenic:-)What a good day that was. You should have posted a photo of the cheeseurger.

Susan said...

Happy Fall.....almost. No rain here, but cloudy and much cooler. HAve a great holiday weekend and a great Open House next week!

Sharon said...

This is the first time I've been able to read some blogs in about a week . My laptop died . Wish I could find some bittersweet in the woods around my house , but haven't seen any . Now I need to get busy and find something to write about in my blog .

Tammy Burks said...

Beautiful pictures! Yes, you should definitely go back and hang a wreath and take pictures....maybe even have it printed as a Christmas card!
LOVING the rain!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

A day in the country sounds wonderful. It is nice to know that some folks are living a simple life rather than running the rat race like so many. Live Simply! Wish more people would do that. Have a great weekend. Tammy