Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy weekend........

It's one of those crazy, busy weekends.  Not only are we having fall open house at Leola's but it's our high school reunion weekend at Sarcoxie and a get-together at the little town of LaRussell where we lived during my high school years.  My friend Barbara is visiting from California and staying with me.  You should have seen me clean up the open house debris I've been piling up for about 4 wks.  Luckily, she brought nice, cool weather to us and the promise of a beautiful weekend.

We had a great open house party on Thursday evening.  So many of our good friends and customers (who have become our good friends) came to enjoy the evening. Andrea and Danavee have been readers of my blog (as I have been there's) for a couple of years now and they always show up.  We've become good friends and I love seeing their sunny faces come through the door.

This is the front porch that Judy worked so hard on (and I should add that Olivia helped and Pam made the head).  It was amazing and so welcoming.  Ask us how we liked it when we have to clean it up!

Kelli and Brenda were behind the counter.  Also, Kelli painted the moon since our theme for this open house was "under the harvest moon".

Debra always comes and takes pictures.  Kenda in case you don't know also works in the shop plus has her own area.  She's the shinning face behind the counter on most Saturdays.  And Pam is the person who makes all the clothing in the shop.  She (as are all the women at Leola's) is an amazing talent.  We've all been together now for 5 years and I think that says a whole lot.

Here's Kenda in one of Pam's shirts.  If you'll notice, Pam has one on that is belted.

Here are 3 of my favorite people.  Jane and I have been friends forever (I always photograph her house at Christmastime).  She's with daughter, Amanda, and good friend, Lucia, who is an amazing designer.  When you see Jane's house at holiday time, you can see some of Lucia's talent.

Just took a few random pictures of the inside of the shop.  It did look fantastic.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.  Happy Fall!!!!


Danavee said...

AHHH! Love it! We had fun!!!! Thank you for the shout out! It was good to see you!

Andrea said...

What a sweet post! I always have so much fun visiting with you and seeing what's new at Leola's.

Susan said...

The pics of the shop are great! I think you're right....this year it looks the best! But you've had 5 awesome yrs to get this good - it'll just get better and better! Congrats, and have a great time with your friend!!!

Sharon said...

Looks like you had a great open house ! I wanted to come but had to babysit one of my little ones. Plus as usual I am broke . Crafts fairs start next weekend , hoping things sell good so there is a little something extra to shop with ! I am so enjoying this cool weather today !