Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remembering Vermont......

Last year at this time Judy and I were preparing for our trip to Vermont.  What a wonderful trip we had.  I loved my lampshade-making class with Judy Lake and meeting the diverse bunch of women in the class.  Thought I might share some of the pictures from the class.

The picture above was the inn where we stayed.  It was a wonderful place to spend a week with the most amazing food.  Every meal we had there was a delight both in taste and sight.  Love that we were treated like guests in a beautiful home.

For two days Judy would drop me off in Pawlet at the Lampshade Lady's store and she would head out to have adventures on her own.  The little town of Pawlet was such a delight with a general store where we ate our lunch.  They had homemade bread and again, amazing food (everything from Carhartt clothing to gourmet cheeses and fine wines).  Only in Vermont!

Loved the ironing board on the front porch.  Maybe I'd enjoy ironing if I had a view like this.

This is the inside of her shop.  There was every size and shape of shade frame and every imaginable kind of fabric from modern to vintage linens.  Judy also has quite an inventory of the shades she has made.  She now has an Etsy store.

We had such a wonderful time.  Maybe in the next few days, I'll have time to post a few more pictures.  It was hard to take a bad picture in Vermont.

Have a great Wednesday.  I'm making a lampshade.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

going to New England in the Fall is on my Bucket List! (your delivery is at the store) thanks, Jan!

jc@leolas said...

Wish we were there right now. Love the way people live their lives with such local loyalty. Beautiful place.

Danavee said...

Ohhhhh fall in Vermont. I'd love to experience it too!

Jenny said...

I've always wanted to try something like that!

I would soooo iron on that porch, too!