Friday, October 12, 2012

Never enough time......

I know it's been awhile since I've posted but my time has been spent the last couple of weeks trying to get things ready for Leola's Christmas Open House.  Lots of pieces that need a little tweeking to make them shop-ready.  I've put finishes on a couple of great early benches I found.  Also trying to get some primitive trees put in containers and some pillows made.  Wish my time management skills were better.

The wonderful early chest I bought from Barb in Fairfax, IA, had been in the garage since I brought it home.  The drawers needed to be cleaned & deodorized and the whole thing needed a good cleaning.  It's finally finished and placed in my great room.  Did I tell you how much I love this piece!!!!!

Wish I knew more about it.  The dovetailing in the drawers are hand done and pencil marks can still be seen.  It's just really a good piece.  The little chair on the top came from my mom's family.  I purchased it from Mom's cousin Ivin's auction after he died. 

Also moved a few things around and redid the walls.  It's so strange how I want to do everything different in the fall.  Love this set of drawers.

This is my latest lampshade.  For some reason, I'm totally in love with brown checked fabric right now.  Hadn't been able to find any until I went to my friend, Frannie's, house and she had a piece left over from an upholstery job.  Had originally planned to sell the shade but after spending at least 5 hrs. making it plus all the materials I purchased, I decided it would stay with me.  Haven't been able to figure out how people are able to spend so much time making something and putting no value on their time.  All the materials I use have to be ordered from New York and are not inexpensive.  I love making them but just can't afford to sell them.  Maybe someday.

Judy, Linda, and I worked this week on a photo for our open house card.  Linda has a wonderful little log house that she uses for a gardening shed.  We took a bent willow chair, wool blankets, pine cones and this flat backed basket out and decorated it.  I'll share pictures later.  I have 2 of these baskets to put greens in for open house.

I love fall decorating.....

Judy, Jean & I are headed to Dry Creek Cabin Antique Show in Dixon this weekend.  We love going there in the fall not only for the antiques but to take in the smells and ambiance.  It's out in the boonies and screams "FALL".  It's just about my favorite place to be in the fall.

It's cool and rainy here this morning and I'm having a difficult time getting out of this chair.  I have to order some wood and get some things cleaned up in the garage.  Guess I'd better get started.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Myra said...

I love that lampshade, too! Love the photos of your home, it looks so....homey! Have been missing your posts, I saw that harvest moon, though! It had a huge circle around it when we saw it. Enjoy your weekend!

Danavee said...

I love ALLLLLL of these photos. That cabinet with all the small drawers? LOVE.

Andrea said...

The lampshade looks amazing! I'm impressed.