Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall weekends......

I think I could have named my blog "fall weekends" because I love them almost as much as I love summer Sundays.  This was (and is) a beautiful one.  We did have some bad storms in our area last night but thankfully, we were spared the high winds.....just lots of rain.  Today, it is nice and cool and partly sunny.  The leaves are quickly turning and falling.

Sisters, Judy and Jean, and I went for a long drive yesterday back to a beautiful part of Missouri that so often gets overlooked.  It's in the area around Waynesville and Crocker.  Dry Creek Cabin is located in the country near Dixon.  This area has deep ravines and valleys with beautiful green rolling hills and limestone bluffs that hang over the rivers and creeks.  Land that has never been touched my man.  Almost every house has huge woodpiles ready for winter. 

Dry Creek Cabin had a fire going with a huge iron pot full of soup hanging over it.  There are lots of outbuildings and they're preparing to build a couple more.  Hopefully, by their Christmas open house that they have in December.

This is the cabin they live in and it's open for touring.  It's amazing!

This is the cabin for the shop.  Love the chicken nests on the side of the cabin.

This is a corn crib that they built.....they actually build and deliver them.  They also do a small outhouse.

Took so many pictures that I'll have to post the rest another day. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday and the week ahead will be happy and peaceful.


Danavee said...

What a neat spot! I've never heard of it!

jc@leolas said...

Great blog, Jan. Your heart was in the storytelling. Makes a difference.

Sharon said...

That is a great place ! I love the living history of it ! It reminds me of a place between Kentucky and Tennessee on the Land between Lakes area . They have a 1850's homestead set up there ,it is so much fun to see .It's like stepping back in history.

Myra said...

Such a wonderfully, peaceful-looking place. Best part, though, was having sisters to see it with!