Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitchen paint choices.....

I've had some great suggestions on my kitchen wall color and still haven't made the definite choice but I'm leaning toward a mushroom color.  It will be the darker color in the cabinets.  The following picture is one I found on Pinterest and love.  The color seems a little greener then mine but close.

Really like this kitchen too.  The ceiling looks like mine (mine isn't as shiny).  Love the farm sink and the legs on the cabinet.

I've been making these cobblers in a jar and they are yummy.  It's a very cold day and I'm thinkin' I may just make a few more.  I use the refrigerater pastry and they make the perfect size for one serving.

Trying to stay in as much as possible these days.....seems everyone is sick.  Had to run to g'kids school yesterday and pick up Stella.  She and Sage have both had the flu but because they had the vaccine, it hasn't been as severe.  I just keep washing my hands.

Stay well and have a great Tuesday.


Danavee said...

Both of those kitchens are DIVINE! Can't wait to see your finished product!!!

Myra said...

I think the wall color will look great with your cabinets! Kind of a neutral background for everything else. Those cobblers look fantastic!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Liking your new kitchen cabinets

Any color will make your cabinets stand out

your mini cobblers does look really good , Oh and cute LOL

A Primitive Homestead said...

OH I sure like the apron sink & mustard cabinets. I am having a mixed deck drama. My kitchen needs or should I say I want a change. I am anew flower. Oh I think I will enjoy your blog. I would like to hear of your gardening as I hope to get back into my garden as I can' I like to bake in my ball jars to. Such pretty cobbler. Makes the eater feel special I always say. Blessings! Lara