Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy winter weather.....

What a crazy winter this has been.  So far we haven't had one snow that required shoveling....just flurries here and there.  This was yesterday out my back door....

It was 70 degrees and very muggy.  The back door was open and several of my windows.  It was in the 60's all Sunday night.  Now, today, a cold front has come through and doors and windows are closed.

Flowers are shooting up in my front flower beds.  Today, I saw jonquils ready to bloom in a yard on my street.  Here's my jasmine vine in my backyard.

Can you see the little yellow blossoms.  I cut some of my forsythia branches and brought them inside to force.  They looked ready to bloom.

Also did some furniture work for Leola's.  Hadn't been able to work in the garage for a while so decided to pull this bench out and put a finish on it.  It's a primitive old bench but turned out so well with a nice finish on it.

See my little red wagon.  That's how I get my heavier goods from the front to the back.  It's also handy for bringing groceries around to the back door.  I'm really not certain what I would do without it.  Did I forget to mention that it still halls grandkids on occasion!

Speaking of grandkids.....this is my new project.  It started when a lady brought some dresses into Leola's that were kind of out-of-style and wanted to know if we could recycle the fabric.  It was still in good shape and all the dresses had wonderful printing on them.  I had to think of some way of recycling and decided to try to make the g'girls some outfits.  Stella was with me this weekend so we started with her some pants.  I now have the top almost finished and love the way they're coming together.  There's something so fulfilling about using this perfectly good fabric that cost me nothing and turning it into something wearable again.

Hope you can see the prints on the fabric.  The top is a brown knit but will have some of the print from the blue dress appliqued on it.  Phoebe's will have brown pants and blue for the top.  I'll take more pics when I'm finished.
It's cold with snow flurries today so plan on staying in and finishing my project.  Tomorrow I'm going antiquing with my sisters and can't wait.  It's been a while!
Have a good Wednesday.


Danavee said...

I've been a-wondering about you! Glad all is well! Stay warm today! Loved this update.

dulcy said...

Tell me about it! Did you see my picture on facebook of the huge black snake that was outside my screened porch?! I mean REALLY, in January? Also brought in a blooming daffodil the same day.....