Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Open House time at Leola's.....

This picture came from Pinterest and not sure who gets credit but I loved the purple tulips.  I'm going tomorrow to buy tulips for Leola's open house.  I want the real ones....I need fresh!

The mood seems to be lifting, thankfully, even though it was so cold here today.  The wind blew so hard and it was freezing.  Wouldn't you know that I would have to load my car at home and then unload it at the shop.  I just keep telling myself that it's almost over.  I actually saw a jonquil in bloom down the street from my house.

Tomorrow will be another long work day but it's such a great joy seeing the shop transformed.  It's going to be amazing!

Back to work!

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Danavee said...

Eeeeeekkkk! So excited for Thursday!

Today was sooooo cold. Darn wind!