Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's going on......

What the hey is going on with this weather......one day it's beautiful and warm then the next it's cold and rainy with a chance of frost.  I know so many are having to endure the same or much worse ("misery loves company").  Anyway, our weatherman assured us that this is the last of this kind of weather.  By this weekend it's going to be warm and the chance for a frost will be pretty much over......whew!

Worked in my yard yesterday until I practically had to crawl to the house but it was such a gorgeous day and so many weeds in my flower beds.

Every tree in my neighborhood that blooms is blooming right now.  Not only is it beautiful visually but the aroma is amazing.  I love spring.
This weekend I went to my sister-in-law Susan's house in St. Joseph and had a wonderful time.  There were several outdoor flea markets and there are just so many indoor flea markets around that area.  Found lots of things for our May Day event at Leola's.  Also, had an opportunity to go to her neighbor's house for a tour.  She's been a collector of antiques for years as were her parents.  She's also an amazing artist and her walls are covered with hers and others artwork.  Her collection of majolica is the largest I've ever seen.

This is a painting that she did on the back of her kitchen island.  It's a gorgeous dark wood french buffet.....gorgeous.
 Loved this lamp and lampshade......
 Her furniture was so eclectic..... old pieces that were well worn and comfy.

So grateful to get the tour.  She's traveled all over the world and loves sharing her stories.  What a treat!
Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.  Think I'll head to Leola's with a few new things.

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Danavee said...

Looking forward to the May Day event! :)